June 26, 2022

The 5-celebrity Anemo bow consumer named Venti of Genshin Impact become the first promotional man or woman of the sport, acting in Ver. 1.0 want banner ”Ballad in Goblets.” For gamers who have been unfortunate or just not around at some stage in the run of his authentic banner, our ”tone-deaf bard” became any other worth pull at some point of the sport’s Ver. 1.4. Besides being the Anemo Archon beneath his joyful conceal, Venti functions as a sub-DPS or aid to your birthday celebration with his remarkable crowd control.

We recognize that we’re still taking part in the second yr of Lantern Rite in Ver. 2.4. However, seasoned Travelers might know that Liyue’s grandest joyful celebration is accompanied by means of Mondstadt’s Windblume Festival. If miHoYo’s updates might be regular with the final 12 months, probabilities are another Venti re-run is simply around the nook. It’s in reality something to have fun for Venti-wanters saving up their Primogems and Intertwined Fates!

With that, we organized the excellent Genshin Impact Venti construct for gamers patiently expecting his re-run! Whether you’re F2P or a dedicated ’whale,’ read on for the Anemo Archon’s playstyles, satisfactory guns, and high-quality artifacts!

Breakdown of Talents and Playstyles

 Genshin Impact Venti’s Elemental Skill (Tap) Genshin Impact Venti’s Elemental Skill (Hold)

The Archon’s skillset works high-quality as a Burst Support and Sub-DPS. Given that he wields Anemo, he serves as a notable assist to characters wielding Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro. This pairing maximizes the in-recreation Elemental Absorption mechanic that could deal with continuous Elemental DMG to enemies.

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Genshin Impact Venti’s Elemental Skill (Hold)

Venti’s Elemental Skill, Skyward Sonnet, has two precise variations. Tapping or pressing his E Skill deals AoE Anemo DMG on the combatants’ region through summoning a Wind Domain. This may even launch small enemies like hilichurls and samachurls inside the air.

On the opposite hand, maintaining his E Skill will summon a larger Wind Domain on Venti’s location. Nearby fighters can even deal AoE Anemo DMG as Venti floats into the air. From his 1st Ascension Passive, retaining this expertise will also create a 20-second upcurrent.

If you want to have a makeshift Xiao for plunging attacks, the upcurrent from Venti’s E SKill is exceedingly beneficial. You also can shop a little stamina from mountain climbing with this. This skills offers mobility on your birthday celebration for each fight and exploration.

 Genshin Impact Venti’s Elemental Burst

 Genshin Impact Venti’s Elemental Burst

Barbatos incarnate’s Elemental Burst, Wind’s Grand Ode, will summon a Stormeye or vacuum discipline. This talent sucks in and renders small opponents hovering even as dealing Anemo DMG for eight seconds. Elemental Absorption can occur right here as soon as the Stormeye comes in contact with a non-Anemo detail. This may be from an enemy, party character, or environment with an inflicted or natural elemental status. For a few cause, Xiangling’s Guoba and Amber’s Baron Bunny can spark off an Elemental Absorption.

If you’re going for walks a group composition with Venti, you can do that simple attack series.

  • Use your characters’ buffs (ATK, Elemental Mastery, Elemental DMG Bonus)
  • Unleash Venti’s Burst close to enemies. If combatants are extensively dispersed, try and lure all of them in the direction of the identical course and/or function the Burst at the enemies’ epicenter.
  • Swap for your DPS characters and use their Bursts and E Skills to make reactions.
  • Swap returned to Venti and use his E Skill to collect strength.
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Many gamers have agreed that the four-megastar bow The Stringless, specifically at Refinement Rank 5, is the fine weapon for Venti in phrases of consistent harm output. The Elemental Mastery substat is beneficial in making elemental reactions like Swirl and others once the Elemental Absorption kicks in. Furthermore, the bow’s Passive has zero conditions so you’re sure to deal amplified damage. Support or DPS Venti will advantage from this effective weapon.

If you want to equip the Anemo Archon along with his unique weapon, then you could test your good fortune on the Standard Banner for Skyward Harp. This is ideal if you use Venti as a DPS due to its Crit Rate subtat and Crit DMG Passive. Overall, you may be dealing a ton of harm with its high base ATK as a five-star weapon.

For a guide Venti, you can desire the promotional bow Elegy for the End. Its Energy Recharge (ER) substat will let you unsolicited mail Venti’s burst. Moreover, it also increases his Elemental Mastery (EM) by 60 and buffs close by celebrating individuals’ EM by means of a hundred and ATK by way of 20% for 12 seconds.

You can also choose Sacrificial Bow or Favonius Warbow in case you rely on Venti’s Stormeye for crowd control. If you’re now not sure which to apply, this detailed weapon manual from Xlice will show you the way each bow works for Venti.


 Recommended Artifacts and Stats for Venti

The artifacts and stats satisfactory suitable for Venti vary depending on how you’ll use him, the weapon he has, and the group composition he’s in.

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The conventional guide or DPS build is the four-piece set of Viridescent Venerer, in order to increase his Swirl DMG and decrease enemies Elemental RES to the Swirl-infused element. The 2-piece set also offers him 15% Anemo DMG Bonus.

If you’re leaning toward the usage of Venti as a DPS, then equipping a 2-piece set of Gladiator’s Finale for an ATK increase and some other 2-piece set of Viridescent Venerer for an Anemo DMG growth is good. As a DPS, you can prioritize ATK, Anemo DMG, and Crit Rate or Crit DMG to your sands, goblet, and circlet, respectively.

For a full-blown Burst guide, a four-piece set of Noblesse Oblige is the manner to go. This will boom his Elemental Burst DMG and briefly buff all birthday celebration individuals’ ATK. It’s excellent that you prioritize Venti’s EM and ER with this.


Like all Venti-wanters are, we’re also claiming that the Anemo Archon will yet again be to be had for the approaching game updates. Who may want to even overlook the first featured individual of Genshin Impact? Venti is simply the Anemo crowd-manage individual we all need, lore- and combat-clever!

In the period in-between, why don’t you test our other publications for the modern promotional characters? The Geo Archon Zhongli and the unofficial Cryo Archon Ganyu are your first-rate bets for a difficult shielder and a powerful DPS, respectively!

We hope you located this guide on Venti helpful and correct good fortune on pulling him on his 1/3 run! Thanks for studying this article!