November 27, 2022

US warmongering beneath Biden: Lend-Lease and Russia (China and Japan)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Trendy Tokyo Occasions

President Biden of America served beneath Barack Obama. Therefore, much like the Obama administration going to warfare in Libya and supporting the disaster in Syria and Yemen: Biden is spending huge sums to spice up Ukrainian nationalists and create a massacre on this battle. Obama did the identical in Syria – not sufficient for both aspect to win however sufficient navy and terrorist ratlines by way of NATO Turkey to weaken Syria for the foreseeable future.

At house, Biden and Obama spin the pro-LGBT agenda to taking the knee for Black Lives Matter – and infinite insurance policies that help gender confusion. Nevertheless, identical to Obama destabilIsed Libya – and weakened Syria and Yemen – the Biden administration is instigating and taking the battle in Ukraine and the Donbas area to a better degree.

Donald Trump – usually vilified and hated by the politically appropriate media – didn’t contain America in a serious battle. Therefore, the administration of Biden is “warfare and play it once more warmongering Sam.”

Biden isn’t involved in regards to the ongoing opioid disaster. Sure, 106,000 overdose deaths within the final 12 months. Nevertheless, it isn’t on the prime of the agenda. Nor are the Democrats or Republicans too involved about half one million homeless folks – or fixing the border. As an alternative, in contrast to the Trump administration, the warmongers are in energy (George Bush junior, Invoice Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, 4 presidents concerned in Vietnam and Agent Orange – a number of presidents concerned in Operation Condor in South America).

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The Lend-Lease program implies that America will spend roughly $47 billion {dollars} to spice up nationalist forces in Ukraine. Russians and Russian audio system who’re pro-Russian Federation within the Donbas area – and different components of the nation – have been expendable since 2014.

China – witnessing what G-7 and European Union nations (EU) are doing with the financial property of the Russian Federation – ought to critically take into consideration pulling massive quantities of their holdings out of the identical nations. In spite of everything, the identical G-7 nations – with the one wagging Washington nation in Asia (Japan) – are laying the identical foundations for what is occurring in Ukraine and the Donbas area regarding Taiwan and containing China.

In contrast to America utilizing Agent Orange towards Vietnam or creating failed states from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya in distant lands – the Russians usually are not separate from the place the armed forces of this nation search to guard Russians and non-Russian audio system who worry Ukrainian nationalism.

President Vladimir Putin mentioned, “There, on that land, in Korsun and Kherson, Prince Vladimir and his troops took baptism. Which means it is a sacred place, the middle of our non secular unity, which ultimately fashioned the premise of the Russian nation and an integral centralized Russian state.”

Putin continued, “it’s a essential place for our coronary heart and soul… In 1853-1856 throughout an invasion by international hordes – and in 1941-1945 in the course of the warfare with Nazi Germany – each inch of that soil was soaked with the blood of Russian and Soviet troopers.”

Sarcastically, G-7 nations help the Soviet Union’s angle as a result of it was the Communist Social gathering that took Crimea from Russia and gave it to Ukraine within the Nineteen Fifties.

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America – profiting from NATO encroachment on the Russian Federation and instigating the bloodshed – together with the UK – whereas Japan spreads anti-Russia propaganda beneath Prime Minister Fumio Kishida – is now upping the ante and is mainly utilizing Ukrainian forces to weaken the Russian Federation. Subsequently, political elites in Moscow have to counter this menace and begin to push again towards NATO, Washington intrigues, the EU, and Japan.

China additionally must concentrate on the financial angle. In spite of everything, G-7 and EU nations search to carry the Russian Federation to ransom concerning the freezing of property, financial sanctions, lowering the power dynamic of this nation, and different underhanded financial means.

America – and nations from Japan to the UK – proceed to take hostile actions towards the Russian Federation (and with China in the identical mirror). Therefore, the Russian Federation must push again towards these hostile nations in numerous methods. Subsequently, if bloodshed reaches additional into Ukraine, this might be due to the actions of assorted NATO powers and the one anti-Russia nation in Asia (Japan).


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